Summer Life Hacks


We can agree that summer is the best season of the year. It is sunny, a perfect time to go to the beach and the best part, no school. Whether you spend your summer vacation in your house or travel, there are several quality ways to use this time. Of course, spending your summer vacation would be 10x better if you bring your dog along with you! Here are some summer hacks you can try with your furbabies.

Snow cones

If you want something to cool you down for free, you can make snow cones! You probably already have the ingredients needed in your house; all you have to do is to assemble them. For the syrup, boil sugar and water. After letting it simmer, add the kool-aid. Next, grate some ice, add the syrup you just made, and you already have your snow cone!

Ice ice baby

A way for your dogs to cool down during the summer is by giving them ice. They can chew it, or you can give them an ice pack and let them lay on it. You can also use the same concept. Just place an ice pack on your bed on top of a towel and lay on it.

Homemade frozen treats

A way to give your pup a healthy snack while keeping them cool is by making a homemade treat. You can mix bananas or any fruit they prefer, peanut butter, and yogurt. Put them in a mold, then put them in the freezer overnight. And there you have your healthy homemade snack for your hound! 

ID tags

If you are traveling with your dog, create IDs in case you get separated. Put your contact number and the address of the place you are staying in,  and make sure it is up to date. Place them in your dog’s collar.

Powder power

Sand can be quite challenging to remove once it gets on your body. Brushing them off can also be sticky and rough on the skin. To remove sand easily, pour some baby powder on the area with the sand and brush them off. This will instantly remove the sand along with its sticky feeling!


The sand getting all over your bags and towels can be a hassle if you go to the beach. You can bring a fitted bed sheet with you, place your things at the corners to keep their form, then boom! You don’t have to worry about having sand all over the place.

Cupcake liners

Eating popsicles can get quite messy, especially for children. No one likes the sticky feeling of their hands and staining your clothes once the popsicle melts and drips on your hand. A simple way to solve this is by using a cupcake liner. Use the end of your popsicle to poke through your cupcake liner. This will catch all the melted juice.

Towel cooler

With the temperatures rising during summer, your cold drinks would undoubtedly be at room temperature after a few minutes. If you do not have an ice box or if it is a hassle to bring one, you can just use a paper towel. Wet some paper towel and wrap it around your wine, beer, juice, water, or drinks. Place them in the freezer for a few minutes; they will cool faster and last longer. 

Shadey outdoors

Another way to keep you and your dogs cool is by staying in the shade. But staying in the shade doesn’t mean you have to stay indoors. You can put patio umbrellas outside your house so you and your dog can hang out outside but stay in the shade. You can also attach a hammock to the trees. Who doesn’t want just to lay down, feel the breeze, and rest in the shade? 

Enjoying your summer vacation doesn’t have to be tiring and expensive. Just be creative with what you see around your house, and you will find some things that can improve your summer. But, always remember to watch the temperature and stay hydrated!

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